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EZV-EFV series Permanent magnet frequency variable screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:23:58
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Product description

Condition energy saving

The permanent magnet motor remains high efficiency at low speeds, ensuring obvious energy-saving advantages in small air volume.

 Frequency range from 0%-100% (common conversion from 60%-100%)

 Compared with the speed compressor, energy saving 22%-40%

 Compared with the common inverter compressor, energy saving 5%-15%  System volume fluctuations larger, then energy-saving effect more obviously.

Energy saving system of unloading (inverter)

According to the stationary air compressors in gas consumption fluctuation, it has the unloading time, then the air compressor idling but also need 45% of the electricity, but the permanent-magnet frequency air compressor will control for inverter, no unloading and no waste. If the air compressor units become larger, energy saves more.

Save the wasted electric energy by pressure control bandwidth (energy saving)

compressor must set a minimum control pressure for the 1Barg band (i.e. air compressor limits) to avoid the impact on the unit and the power grid. Several machines must use together with a pressure gradient, more wide pressure, while the -js99703金沙娱城视频OSG permanent-magnet variable-frequency Air compressor series is inverter control, unlimited s, no need to set pressure, but a pressure point on the line. The pressure of each 0.14Barg bandwidth, the system can save energy 1%.

Energy saving startup (inverter)

Air compressors starting current is 3-6 times of the rated current, the frequently -金沙平台start will waste a lot of energy, and frequency conversion type has no frequent starting and sping, but soft start. The maximum current does not exceed the rated working current, no energy waste. At the same time also greatly reduce the impact on network equipment, and no damage to electrical equipment. -澳门金沙总站6165 




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