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EXL series Low pressure screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:20:02
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Product description

The Honest original process and new technology, designed specifically for the cement, textile, glass industry; OSG 50HZ 0.4MPa screw air compressor.

While the pressure is 0.2-0.4MPa, the 0.7MPa air compressor routine will cause -2222.AGa waste of electricity giant, but the selection of low-voltage screw air compressor -9822金沙平台under the same motor power can greatly increase the gas production rate,

accordingly, you can -- save electricity 20%-50%!

If you buy a 0.7MPa machine but the actual use of pressure is 0.4MPa, its working process is usually as: screw the compressed air to 0.7MPa, then reduce the pressure to 0.4MPa through the means of valve, that is to say, you are using -金沙娱东场下载the 0.4MPa pressure, but your acceptance is 0.7MPa power consumption.

It can also be proved from the exhaust volume:

A screw air compressor of a 132KW and 0.7MPa, its exhaust quantity should be 23.5m ³ /min. But the screw air compressor of OSG132KW and 0.4MPa, it exhaust more than 30m ³ /min! The savings in electricity will allow you to recover the investment in less than a year. According to the user’ s use of pressure, automatically adjust the compression ratio and maintain the best ratio of power (energy) in the range of 0.3-0.5MPa.

Ensure adequate fuel under low exhaust pressure, the best mixing ratio of oil and gas.




♦-js345.com奥门金沙 "A" 示意风冷,"W" 示意水冷。

 "A" means air-cooled, "W" means water-cooled.

 其他排宇量大于 40m3/min, 排气压力大于 1.3MPa 的机型可特别定货。

 Other exhaust amount greater than 40m3/min, the exhaust pressure greater than 1.3MPa, can be a special order.


 Our company keeps improving the product constantly, and reserves the right of design improvement. Parameters change without notice.